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Going to church is actually the main focus of Christmas celebrations in Africa nativity scene are played out,Carol’s are sung and in some cases dance are Nigeria groups of young children go door to door to perform dance and Christmas songs to the accompaniment.

Cultural differences.

On Christmas day Carol’s are sung from Nigeria to south Africa.meat are roasted,gifts are exchanged,and peapole travel far and wide to visit family.however,in many countries the celebrations is very different than it is in northern America or Europe.coptic Christian in Ethiopia and Egypt clebrate Christmas according to the Coptic calendar.this means that although they celebrate on December 25,that date usually translated to January 7 on the Gregorian calendar.kwanza(the celebrations of Africa heritage observed in United states and often associated with the festival season)is not celebrated in Africa.

The other significant difference is the southern hemisphere countries December represents the height of summer,which is why a typical Christmas day in place like south Africa often involves beach trips,sunbathing sessions,and eating al fresco.even in the northern half of the continent,you have very little chance of enjoying a white Christmas (unless you’re in the high atlas mountains of Morocco).ironically,Christmas paraphernalia include card,wrapping paper,and decorations still use traditional motifs include snowmen reindeer