Why papaya is good for your health and the benefit

Pawpaw contains dietary fiber,folate,vitamin A, C and E as well as small amounts of calcium, iron,riboflavin,thiamine and niacin and is very rich in antioxidants nutrients flavonoids and carotene.it is also used in the manufacturing of several cosmetic, skin,and beauty products as well as certain chewing gums.

Benefits of papaya

  • Breakfast:cut it in half and fill each half with Greek yogurt, then top with a few blueberries and nut.
  • Appetizer:cut it into strips and wrap a slice of ham or prosciutto around each strip.
  • Salsa:chop papaya,tomatoes,onions and cilantro,then add lime juice and mix well.
  • Smoothie:combine the diced fruit with coconut milk and ice in a blender,then blend until smooth.
  • Salad:chop paaya and avocado into cubes,add diced cooked chicken and dress with olive oil and vinegar.

  • Dessert:combine the chopped fruit with 2 tablespoons (28 grams)of chia seeds,1 cup (240ml)of almond milk 1/4teaspoon of vanilla.mix well and refrigerate before eating.


Papaya is a delicious fruit that is best enjoyed ripe.it can be eaten alone or easily mixed with other food.http://www.thecoconet.tv